Lake Ontario

Yesterday I went to the lake, I went because I knew it would be beasty and cold and miserable and really really windy and boy oh boy was I ever right…it was fantastic…I have windburn on my face and a ton of really amazing pictures of a glorious body of water.
DSC_8750Lake Ontario
I have come to realize fully now that I tend to like extremes…if it is extremely cold out, then I want to be out in it…extreme weather makes great pictures.

Have a beautiful evening … S


In My Head

I feel like the stories in my head are far more interesting

in my head

Than right here where I think some of them belong

I go back and read what I’ve written

and I hit delete…I second guess myself

I suppose…I lose the confidence it takes to share my thoughts with whomever

and then on days like today

It doesn’t seem to matter to me
My Rainy Bud Geranium

we shall see…if I hit publish then I’ll know the mood was true and not pressured.
Beautiful snowfall after work today

I didn’t take pictures because it was the big fat flakes that were wet and I didn’t have a cover for my camera…I’m already having problems with the “lens not attached” becoming more frequent and sooo annoying…It started in Portugal and I panicked not knowing initially how to make the camera function…now I always need two hands to take pictures…it’s still under warranty , but before I can take it in for repair I had to make arrangements to borrow my Dad’s D60 because I simply do not feel comfortable without a camera…yes, I know I have a phone, but it isn’t the same…

I’ll never forget the moments that I should have had my camera with me and I just didn’t bother to bring it with me… Driving home to Lindsay on the North side of the road is a field with about six or seven cows with their calves and almost identically placed was a Mother and her baby in the exact same position as the exact same colour cow with her baby. It already looked like a picture and man was I ever mad when I realized that I couldn’t be bothered bringing it with me!!!!!!! Then there was a street shot that (could have!!!) would have depicted a great sadness as a father and his daughter sit in a window seat across from each other in the coffee shop…the girl is crying with constraint, the father is deeply saddened…it was so raw, and I think that even if I did have my camera  that I would not have taken a picture of them… even just the glance I had at them, in that split second I felt as if I had violated their privacy…a picture in my head forever.

Then I planted a garden

and that planted a passion in me

and that passion can become an obsession

and that obsession can range from extreme close ups of flowers and bugs( where it all started) to panoramic views of the Ocean or a lake or a field of interesting weeds…

I am terrible at taking pictures of people…I don’t like poses…lol…one of the best “People” pictures I ever took was one of my four kids, we were at a family reunion in Montreal and on the spur of the moment I said “hey guys, can you all stand together so I can get a quick picture” and they did just that and it turned out beautifully. I don’t have their permission to post pictures of them on here so you’ll have to take my word for it…I received many compliments on it 🙂
Geranium Bud 2

I have a geranium, this geranium is at least 7 years old and has been an absolute pleasure to photograph…it blooms at least three times a year, maybe more…it is in bloom now


The Little Car that Could

…take me places….almost anywhere I want to go….

I have been so busy
So busy that I haven’t found the time or energy to write,
But… I have taken pictures…lots of them! That’s Phileas above, in front of Lake Erie 🙂
DSC_6564Lincoln, Ontario
Since Saturday at 2pm I have driven over 800 km
and along the way I have stopped to take pictures
I even got up at 4:30am on Sunday  to catch the sunrise in Lincoln, Ontario
Lake Erie Port Abino Rd. 3Lake Erie, Port Abino Rd.
which is about an hour and a half from my house
Why Lincoln? Well, I had to drive my son back to university in St. Catharines and  from what I could gather on Google maps this place appeared to be a good location…
Lake Erie Port Abino RdLake Erie, Port Abino Rd.
…it wasn’t that good, but I still managed to get some nice pictures AND
DSC_6566Lincoln, Ontario
I got to spend some quiet time with my oldest son…a nice treat. I actually got to spend time with all three of my sons at one point or another over the weekend…just missing my daughter…hopefully I’ll get to see her soon 🙂
Nine Geese and One SwanToronto, Ontario
After I dropped him off at his house I drove through and explored Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, Oakville Waterfront, and finally part of Toronto’s gorgeous waterfront!
Lake Erie Port Abino Rd. 4Lake Erie, Port Abino Rd.
I finally made it to Lake Erie…I have attempted to get there twice over the last four years, but something always came up…I’m glad I made it there on Sunday…it was beautiful…the water is so clear. I hope the next time I get there it’s a sunny day….those pictures will be stunning! I saw the Peace Bridge to the U.S. and took a few pictures, but they didn’t turn out very well…
CN TowerToronto, Ontario
Anyway, I hope you enjoy today’s pictures…Have a great night! S


Self Portrait , a Story, and Other Pictures

Soft Gentle Geranium black and whiteDriving

Driving is one of my favourite activities.
Listening to amazing music
I found Phileas and then
so much more of the world
opened up for me

What a delight, that I may come and go as I please

Throwback to A Trip, a Fantastical Motorcycle Trip 08 2013


Photography is also one of my favourites
My initial reason for getting a camera
Was because I was afraid I would forget
and then I discovered Macro photography
that’s when I knew I was hooked
and then I got a Wide angle…wow!

What a privilege…I’ll never forget now
Sway Baby


I was uncomfortable expressing my true self
People think I’m odd, unusual, unique…and maybe I am
But I like Me
A lot and I like to write about stuff I do
Because I think it’s cool
two daisies 2011

Now it’s time to drive one son home for an hour and then another hour drive to pick up another son and then home again and early to bed…heading West in the morning to catch a sunrise somewhere new…wish me luck  🙂

Nice Reflection Toronto Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

Soft Gentle Geranium




My Great Big Busy Day

My great big busy day started at 5 am…a usual Monday, but ha ha…it wasn’t, was it? Nope…it was Family Day today…I didn’t actually spend any time with anyone in my family now that I think of it…I spent the early morning hours by myself at Scarborough Bluffs trying to capture the best shot ever…and although I got some good ones, none were “the one”…I’ll keep trying lol…Regardless of their lack of originality I will still share some of my favourites from today.
Lifeguard panorama Sunrise
Once done taking pictures I drove back to pick up my friend Barb so we could spend the day in the city. We started out at the Distillery District…
Where we enjoyed a delicious coffee…fixed my camera…wandered around…took pictures…
talked to some really cool people…especially the awesome guys in John Fleuvog…gorgeous boots and shoes!
I took more pictures and then we moved on to Kensington Market where I just happened to park in front of Yarns Untangled, an absolutely beautiful yarn shop…I fell in love with this wool and had to have some…
so I bought three and plan to get more the next time I return…
Pho for lunch and a wander through some stores on Yonge…a long day…9269 steps and 12 floors…not quite 10000, but close…who knows, maybe before I get to bed tonight I will walk the remaining 731…that would be even better!
Ice Volcano Sunrise
Sorry it’s a short one tonight, but I’m pretty anxious to get started with my wool and to put my feet up and relax ( after 731 more steps of course lol)…back to work tomorrow and it should prove to be a very very busy day again….I hope yours is great 🙂


The Big Bad Wolf Made out of Wood

I had better hurry…I’m running far behind and that’s simply because I took too many pictures today! Over 600 of them…almost double what I took yesterday and I was out half the time!

Snow Glimmer and Weed 2-14-2016

Snow Glimmer and Weed

And oddly, not nearly as many good shots today as I had expected. Not a complete loss though…I had a good long thought on how safe it is for me to be wandering the woods by myself…I see all kinds of animal tracks and know deep down that most of them are just dogs…but what if?… Some look oddly large and rounded-like a large cat, but  many more look like rabbits and deer, some mice and many birds, those creatures don’t concern me…it’s the possibility that there is something larger than me out there, and they’re hungry lol…I scared myself yesterday when I quickly glanced to my left I thought someone was standing right next to me, but it turned out to be my hood-holy bananas! That scared the heck out of me and then, again today, I got spooked even more.

My Hood in the Sky with Trees

My Hood in the Sky

I happened to be walking along a path that is far less traveled than the others in the area and all I could see on the ground were fresh large dog size prints…initially I wasn’t concerned because you usually see human footprints alongside…not this time…this was a solo “dog”…going one way, so it wasn’t as if it ran away from it’s owner and then ran back, nope…these basically came out of nowhere. At this point I’m increasingly feeling more apprehensive about continuing along this path so I decide it’s time to turn around and I  see this…

Log Wolf 2-14-2016

The Scary Log Wolf!

Well, all I can say is this…I was actually frightened TO (almost) DEATH!
Notice how I hung around long enough to get a picture of it though?…(so glad I did because doesn’t it look like a wolf or coyote?…At quick glance of course lol…now I can laugh about it, but I wasn’t then)…my adrenaline was already starting to rise and my imagination was stupid wild-I am going to have to get better at that. I realize it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. of that I am keenly aware. I even ensure that my equipment doesn’t make noise as I walk…just the crunch of my footsteps in the snow and birds and a big bad wolf made out of wood.


VIA Train

I have often imagined getting close enough to a train to get some good shots…I saw a clear path through the woods to the train tracks today and this is what I got…The picture above is my favourite capture of the train and here are the tracks.
I took this shot of the deer prints I saw today because they look like hearts and how fitting is that on this very St. Valentines Day of all days?



I hope everyone one had love today, whether it be from another human being or from something you do for your very self that you love…I hope you practiced it today…I feel fortunate to have lots of love to enjoy and cherish and practice…
I love driving and my Phileas…
I love walking through life with my camera…
I love solitude and sun…
I love my family and everyone…
that’s my mushy Valentine’s Day poem to you
and to everyone in particular …

I am going to have to continue today’s journey another time…I am ready for bed…up early tomorrow with a ton of stuff planned for the day…Family day…YAY!

The Path Less Traveled 2-14-2016

The Path Less Traveled

Off to the city for some adventures with Barb tomorrow…I’ll share pictures along the way…don’t you worry! 🙂


Scarborough Bluffs and Blunders

The day was planned
Timed to perfection
as is my usual
45 minute drive
Sunrise at 7:16am
Up at 6am and off I’d go
Except I didn’t actually wake up until
6:15am which meant I had to organize myself in less than 10 minutes if I wanted to scout out the best spot

20160213_072938[1]Scarborough Bluffs at Dawn-West view

It was -26C when I got into Phileas and prompted him to start
Which he did quite well with…I love my car…but I still didn’t want to push him.

I was on the road by 6:30….a bit annoyed, but still excited to see what I would see.

Traffic was very light and the drive was nice.
Once I was about ten minutes away I thought I’d take my camera out of the bag and take a few shots of pre dawn sky when I saw SD card NOT INSERTED …I thought I was going to lose my shit…I can’t believe I did that….AGAIN! It’s not like I only have only one card either, NOPE…I have 5 or 6 of them and all in one little container too…so I would never have to leave home without them again…except I did and on a very important morning…of course nothing is open, not within a reasonable distance… it was pointless to rush to get an SD card so I continued down to the Bluffs anyway…

20160213_073106[1]Scarborough Bluffs at Dawn-East view
at least I could take some pictures with my phone…they were alright shots…Blunder number two this morning was that I didn’t have very warm gloves so by the time I got to the lake to catch the sun coming up my fingers were so cold I could barely operate my phone…that was painful. Back to the car I went while frantically trying to warm my hands with little luck… inside Phileas I put my seat heater on and sat on my hands…that helped tremendously! Once I was able to drive again I explored another area because I have decided I am going back again tomorrow at dawn lol …with my SD card INSERTED! and a few spares too 🙂 and now I know exactly where to go.

DSC_4905Stone Street Beach

Then I drove home, picked up my SD cards
Went to the mall to buy some gloves AND mittens on the way…first stop…

Stone Street Park, Oshawa…Nice and warm this time

Stone Street Beach
I enjoyed walking along the lakeshore and capturing a different type of picture…a midday sun…and great angle. At one point I sat down and relaxed on the beach…because I was out of the wind it didn’t really feel all that cold anymore. I took all the shots I wanted from that vantage point and decided to head back…a different view-more shots.
DSC_4837Stone Street Beach
100 meters from the car I decide to look for my car keys and realized that they are no longer with me…great! I found them on the beach where I had been sitting earlier, I guess they fell out as I was switching lenses…The lake was steaming and I tried to get a good shot of it, but it didn’t work out as well as I had wanted…hopefully you can see it now that I’ve mentioned it …

DSC_5055Next stop-Darlington Provincial Park-steamy water

Rabbit prints, Deer prints
my footprints too
the crunching snow
a sun so beautiful

DSC_5130Darlington Provincial Park
Today was the first day in months that I have walked over 10000 steps…I am so pleased with myself…and in addition to that I also managed to climb 19 stories…
Icicles at Stone Street
What a day…
DSC_5140Darlington Provincial Park
What a beautiful, wonderful, brilliantly cold and perfect day!
DSC_5018Darlington Provincial Park
Sorry…I can’t help it…
DSC_5033Darlington Provincial Park

I want to share all of them :), but 394 pictures would be too much lol …  S



On a Cold Cold Day

The skies were bright
And the sun was rarely interrupted
But the wind reminded me that Winter still had control

Black and white Branches
Black and White Branches
I lasted ten minutes at the lake, maybe a few minutes more.
There was no way I could have stayed any longer, my fingers were numb and I even had gloves on !

Black and White Undulating WavesBlack and White Undulating Waves
Of course as I approached home the sun began setting beautifully
and I did not get any pictures…I will get some tomorrow evening.

Black and White TreeBlack and White Tree, Lake Ontario
I also want to get some pictures down by the GM plant…all the smoke stacks look amazing when it’s this cold…Saturday morning my plan is to get down to the lake for 7, just before the sun rises…I think I’ll bring my telephoto lens so I can get some close up pictures of  some ice too.Inverted Ice on Grass



Picture This …

It’s Wednesday already…wow!


sea glass and small stones

…and I’m cold


my pet snail Pearl

…when the wind blows from the West my place is cold, drafty, and uncomfortable and it makes me want to crawl into bed and get cozy, but I can’t do that


Nuthatch at Lynde Shores

…not just yet…because, if I do, I’ll fall asleep and if I fall asleep anytime before 9:30 then I’m awake at 3:30 and that makes for a very long day

Lagos Portugal 06 2015

Lagos, Portugal

…and very long days are only good when the weather is sunnier and a bit warmer.


Crab on the beach-Salema, Portugal

Everyone’s talking about how cold it’s going to be on Saturday…all I hope for is a wind from the East that day…and then my bedroom will be sooo nice and cold for snuggling under the duvet…mmm scrumptious!


A View of Sintra from Castelo Dos Mouros-Portugal

The pictures of Portugal make me feel warmer 🙂


The Importance of Being Earnest

Today I’m going to share a summary of one of my favourite plays. The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. In between I’ll share totally unrelated pictures… 🙂

The play begins in the flat of wealthy Algernon Moncrieff (Algy) in London’s fashionable West End. Algernon’s aunt (Lady Bracknell) and her daughter (Gwendolen Fairfax) are coming for a visit, but Mr. Jack Worthing (a friend of Algy’s) arrives first. Algernon finds it curious that Jack has announced himself as “Ernest.” When Jack explains that he plans to propose marriage to Gwendolen, Algy demands to know why Jack has a cigarette case with the inscription, “From little Cecily with her fondest love.” Jack explains that his real name is Jack Worthing, squire, in the country, but he assumes the name “Ernest” when he ventures to the city for fun. Cecily is his ward. While devouring all the cucumber sandwiches, Algernon confesses that he, too, employs deception when it’s convenient. He visits an imaginary invalid friend named Bunbury when he needs an excuse to leave the city.

Sparkle and Sun

Lady Bracknell and Gwendolen arrive. Algernon explains that he cannot attend Lady Bracknell’s reception because he must visit his invalid friend, Bunbury, but he offers to arrange the music for her party. While Algernon distracts Lady Bracknell in another room, Jack proposes to Gwendolen. Unfortunately, she explains that she really wants to marry someone named Ernest because it sounds so solidly aristocratic. However, she accepts his proposal, and he makes a mental note to be rechristened Ernest. Lady Bracknell returns and refutes the engagement. She interrogates Jack and finds him lacking in social status. On her way out, Lady Bracknell tells Jack that he must find some acceptable parents. Gwendolen returns for Jack’s address in the country. Algernon overhears and writes the address on his shirt cuff. He is curious about Cecily and decides to go “bunburying” in the country.

In the second act, the scene shifts to Jack Worthing’s country estate where Miss Prism, Cecily Cardew’s governess, is teaching Cecily in the garden. Miss Prism sings Jack’s praises as a sensible and responsible man, unlike his brother Ernest, who is wicked and has a weak character. She teaches Cecily that good people end happily, and bad people end unhappily, according to the romantic novel Miss Prism wrote when she was young. The local vicar, Canon Chasuble, arrives and, sensing an opportunity for romance, takes Miss Prism for a walk in the garden. While they are gone, Algy shows up pretending to be Jack’s wicked brother Ernest. He is overcome by Cecily’s beauty. Determined to learn more about Cecily while Jack is absent, Algernon plans to stay for the weekend, then make a fast getaway before Jack arrives on Monday. However, Jack returns early in mourning clothes claiming that his brother Ernest has died in Paris. He is shocked to find Algy there posing as Ernest. He orders a dogcart — a small horse-drawn carriage — to send Algy back to London, but it is too late. Algernon is in love with Cecily and plans to stay there. When Jack goes out, Algernon proposes to Cecily who gets out a diary and letters that she has already written, explaining that she had already imagined their engagement. She has always wanted to marry someone named Ernest, so Algy, like Jack, needs to arrange a rechristening.
Port Hope Beach Long shot

Just when it seems that Jack and Algernon couldn’t get into worse trouble, Gwendolen arrives, pursuing Jack, and discovers that his ward, Cecily, is unpleasantly beautiful. In conversation, they discover that they are both engaged to Ernest Worthing. A battle follows, cleverly carried out during the British tea ceremony. The situation is tense. Jack and Algernon arrive, and, in attempting to straighten out the Ernest problem, they alienate both women. The two men follow, explaining that they are going to be rechristened Ernest, and the women relent and agree to stay engaged.
Phone photos 240

Lady Bracknell shows up demanding an explanation for the couples’ plans. When she discovers the extent of Cecily’s fortune, she gives her consent to her engagement to Algernon; however, Jack’s parentage is still a stumbling block to her blessings. Jack tells Lady Bracknell that he will not agree to Cecily’s engagement until she is of age (35) unless he can marry Gwendolen. Dr. Chasuble arrives and announces that all is ready for the christenings. Jack explains that the christenings will no longer be necessary. Noting that Jack’s present concerns are secular, the minister states that he will return to the church where Miss Prism is waiting to see him. Shocked at hearing the name “Prism,” Lady Bracknell immediately calls for Prism and reveals her as the governess who lost Lady Bracknell’s nephew 28 years earlier on a walk with the baby carriage. She demands to know where the baby is. Miss Prism explains that in a moment of distraction she placed the baby in her handbag and left him in Victoria Station, confusing him with her three-volume novel, which was placed in the baby carriage. After Jack asks for details, he quickly runs to his room and retrieves the handbag. Miss Prism identifies it, and Lady Bracknell reveals that Jack is Algernon’s older brother, son of Ernest John Moncrieff, who died years ago in India. Jack now truly is Ernest, and Algernon/Cecily, Jack/Gwendolen, and Chasuble/Prism fall into each others’ arms as Jack realizes the importance of being earnest.
DSC_0003The aristocratic Victorians valued duty and respectability above all else. Earnestness — a determined and serious desire to do the correct thing — was at the top of the code of conduct. Appearance was everything, and style was much more important than substance. So, while a person could lead a secret life, carry on affairs within marriage or have children outside of wedlock, society would look the other way as long as the appearance of propriety was maintained. For this reason, Wilde questions whether the more important or serious issues of the day are overlooked in favor of trivial concerns about appearance.